Transforming Education Into An Immersive Experience


Too many times we have heard that science is a luxury—LivitLab could not disagree more. In the LivitLab K–12 classroom, every student can be a scientist, and everyone can be engaged in personally relevant, inquiry-driven science learning. LivitLab science education allows students to observe, hypothesize, debate, experiment and problem-solve.

In Orion, Belle Boggs writes about the failure of science education in American schools: “Kids are natural scientists. They like bugs and dirt, they can observe something for a long time, they’re curious. When we fail to capitalize on young children’s curiosity and inclination toward social learning, we turn science into a boring, rote exercise by middle school, at which point it is often too late to reclaim students’ interest and curiosity.”

LivitLab creates “bundles” of mini-lessons that are appropriate for K-12 in virtually every school system. Students are immersed in scientific experiences that cannot be recreated in most school labs. LivitLab can make science relevant in every student’s daily life.

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