Transforming Education Into An Immersive Experience

Benjamin FranklinBen, watching the Civil War ( in the future )

LivitLab makes history come alive by pulling students into each experiential lesson. Whether it’s traveling on the Mayflower, flying an Apollo mission, participating in the Boston Tea Party or listening to a moving Martin Luther King, Jr. speech, students can now step into history, meeting the people and experiencing moments that shaped our world. LivitLab takes history beyond memorizing dates and facts and makes it come alive.

Specifically, LivitLab creates “bundles” of subject matter that will fit into the history curriculum at any student level. Just pick the lessons that are most appropriate to your students and classroom.

History well-told is beautiful. Stepping into that history deepens a student’s understanding and the joy of discovery, as the student experiences pivotal moments in history and life in generations past.

Peter Stearns said it best: “Stories well done are stories that reveal how people and societies have actually functioned, and they prompt thoughts about the human experience in other times and places.”

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