Technology that replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds and lets the user interact in that world.

LivitLab helps students learn by engaging them in ways never before possible. With LivitLab’s virtual reality K-12 curricula, students don’t just read, hear or watch a lesson, they Livit.

Rather than positioning itself as a replacement for traditional teaching, Livit is an “educational experience enhancer,” allowing schools to take educational curriculum off the page and into real life.

We take students where they will never have a chance to go – to different corners of the globe and even the universe. Through virtual reality, students can experience science labs and experiments beyond what schools can offer and they can travel back in time to experience history and literature in ways that others have only dreamt about.

Use your mouse to contorl the view and camera angle.
Look around.

The future of VR in education is exciting and full of potential.
LivitLab plans to grow with and lead the VR education revolution.



LivitLab draws students into history, literature, science and more. For example, in our Civil War lessons, students meet Abe Lincoln and participate in Civil War battles and daily life in the 1860s.


Easy to use.

LivitLab has eliminated technological barriers for teachers and students. You simply put on a headset and push the power button ON.



Each lesson includes impact measurement. Teachers can track curriculum metrics and measure how their students are progressing.



Through memorable and emotional storytelling, students not only hear and understand the lessons, they are engaged and inspired.


Virtual reality brings depth to educational content by engaging the senses and allowing exploration that is otherwise difficult to duplicate in a classroom, making it an ideal catalyst for curiosity and true learning and even more ideal for those that have trouble with traditional learning methodology.