Virtual reality allows students to step inside of their textbooks
and bring otherwise abstract concepts to life.


LivitLab has re-imagined traditional education, transforming lessons into immersive experiences through the use of VR and 360 filming techniques. LivitLab is improving the way students learn by keeping them engaged and focused on the lessons.
Students will not only see and hear history, geography, and science but will Livit.





  • “When I saw my children playing VR games at home, I never imagined its application in education. This is a game changer.”

    Carl High School Principal
  • “If we want to change the world, all it takes is an equipped teacher and energized students. In my view there is no better way to accomplish this.”

    Johannah Elementary Teacher
  • "If we are going to celebrate our flag, it is imperative to learn about the blood that was shed in its creation. History can now be lived and experienced rather than simply read."

    Patrick M College Professor